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Friday, August 18, 2006

I Thought There Were No Hezbollah Fighters In Qana?

There were mass funerals in Lebanon today. Of course most of the coverage was the funeral for the July 30 Qana victims. Depending on which article or caption you read, either the Qana victims were initially buried in a mass grave, then dug up and reburied today. Or the bodies were kept in a refrigerated truck in Tyre until the funerals today...

If they were intially buried then dug up that flies in the face of all the claims from Iraq that their religion forbids exhuming bodies after burial. Remember that is the excuse offered when a "supposed" victim of "American war crimes" needs to be exhumed for examination as to the cause of death.

If they were kept in a refrigerated truck without burial, that supports the theory of bodies being "planted" and debunks the 24 hour burial theory.

Interestingly - there were several coffins covered in Hezbollah flags while the others were draped in Lebanese flags. The captions and the personal photos attached to the coffins indicate that these were Hezbollah fighters killed in the Qana attack. BUT I thought they said there were no Hezbollah fighters in Qana - just innocent women and children. I guess the media lied on that fact too.

Here is the caption for this picture...Qana, LEBANON: A picture of Hezbollah fighter Mahmud Hashem shaking hands with Hezbollah Chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah is plastered on his coffin during a mass funeral of killed militants and civilian victims of the last month's Israeli raids on the southern village of Qana, 18 August 2006 in Qana. The bodies of the victims were transported from Tyre in refrigerated trucks where the dead had been kept since the July 30 attack. The strikes on Qana triggered an international outcry against Israel's offensive, which killed more than 1,000 Lebanese. AFP PHOTO/RAMZI HAIDAR (Photo credit should read RAMZI HAIDAR/AFP/Getty Images)

QANA, LEBANON - AUGUST 18: A Shiite cleric helps shift the coffin of a Hezbollah fighter as militants look on, as most of the civilian victims of an Israeli air strike are formally buried August 18, 2006 in Qana, Southern Lebanon. On July 30, victims of the Qana raid, which occurred when an Israeli plane dropped a bomb on a house in the Qana village killing 29 people among those 15 children, were buried in a grave yard in the village. (Photo by Scott Peterson/Getty Images)

Some of the relatives carried photos of their loved ones. Strange but not one even closely resembled the little victims.

There were no pictures of blue binky baby or the obviously disabled pink pj little girl toted all over the scene by White TShirt.

Remember the video of the woman talking from her hospital bed about her family that was killed in Qana? See video here at 2:29 - 2:49 mark...

Looks like she has ties to Hezbollah too - Go figure...

Of course I don't expect to see anything about the Hezbollah fighters or flags when this mass burial is covered in the media...

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