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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mother of Slain Soldier Verbally Attacked by Peace Activist

I heard a caller on Sean Hannity's radio show mention this at the end of his show today. I immediately thought "there is no way that really happened." But happen it did and it is the most despicable, hateful and disgusting thing I have seen.

To set up the scene - this was a protest outside of Cindy Sheehan's speech in Fresno CA. The protest was led by Robin Butterfield who lost her son 3 months ago in Iraq. Mrs. Butterfield was holding up a sign reminding those in attendance that Cindy Sheehan did not speak for all military families.

One disgusting POS, a member of Peace Fresno, confronted the group and asked how many of them had lost family members in Iraq. One of the protestors countered with "he saved 100 Marines that day". This asshole mockingly remarked "well bless his heart". His comment that followed left me speechless - "How many went on to rape, murder and sodomize kids in front of their parents?" This so-called Peace Activist walked off grinning while the protestors yelled at him.

See it for yourself. Here is the link to the video from KMPH TV in Fresno. You'll have to fast forward through the Cindy Sheehan sound bytes.

Remember this the next time you hear some anti-war jackass claim to support the troops. I hope this guys picture makes it to the platoon of the lost hero. I've gotta go throw up now...

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