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Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Marine Investigation That I Can Support

Every time there is an anti-war rally, march, die-in, puke-in etc. you can find several protesters dressed in official military uniforms. The ones in uniform usually claim to have served in Iraq or Afghanistan. While some are truly vets, others are obvious posers.

The uniforms are typically defaced with IVAW slogans or logos done in black marker. The tops are unbuttoned to show off the latest protest t-shirt. Medals and ribbons are usually in plentiful supply as a sign of "real service".

Not only is it an act of extreme disrespect to wear the uniform of the US Military in such a manner, it is also against military regulations. There are also military regulations covering an active soldier's attire while participating in a protest. Many of us have commented about the disrespectful displays but nothing has ever been done - until now...

Two of the members of IVAW (Iraq Veterans Against the War) are being investigated by the Marine Corps for their protest attire. Kelly Doughtery has put out a plea for donations to the legal funds of her comrades...

Adam Kokesh and Liam Madden are both very active members and former Marines.

Because of their outspoken opposition to the war, the Marine Corps is threatening to revoke their honorable discharges and change them to other than honorable.

We cannot allow this suppression of free speech to occur!

Adam and Liam need our help to pay for legal defense and travel to their hearings.

Now Kelly claims it is because of Kokesh and Madden's speaking out about the war. But Kokesh, the latest media whore who made his bones standing up behind Alberto Gonzalez during his Senate Testimony with a tally of "I don't know" responses, has posted the official documents on his blog. It has nothing to do with their anti-war stance - it's all about the wearing of the uniform and Kokesh's smart ass email to a superior officer...

Per the documents the Separation Proceedings are based on Misconduct for violations of Article 89 of UCMJ (Disrespect toward a Superior Commissioned Officer) and Article 92 (failure to obey order or regulation). Back in March 2007, Major John Whyte sent Kokesh an email notification of possible violations of DoDI 1334.01 "Wearing of the Uniform" and MCO P1020.34 "Marine Corps Uniform Regulations". Kokesh displayed his machismo and responded with extreme disrespect even signing the email "Adam Kokesh, PFC (Proud F*#@ing Civilian).

Madden has yet to post his documents. Since he was also one of those participating in the so-called "Street Theater" of pretend warfare on the streets of DC with Kokesh, chances are his charges are the same.

It's not like Kokesh doesn't have a record of misconduct with the Marines. Kokesh admits that he received Non Judicial Punishment and was reduced to the rank of Corporal for purchasing a pistol from an Iraqi policeman and bringing it home as a souvenir. He even wrote about the episode in his reply to Major Whyte.

Oh and about needing funding for legal and travel expenses... Kokesh is currently on tour in Germany spreading more of his anti-war, anti-military venom to the US soldiers stationed in Germany. Maybe he can get his tour sponsors to help out with his legal tab.

If you want to read more, you can go to GI Special over at the Iraqi "Resistance" (in normal people's words - insurgent) website, Al Basrah. I encourage everyone to read through the entire GI Special Newsletter - Dishonorable Scum in Command edition and remember that members of IVAW are editors and contributors for this poison.

It's time for the military to start cracking down on these guys. If you want the benefits of the military, you gotta abide by the rules. Being a rock star with the anti-war crowd doesn't give you a free pass. Hopefully this trend will continue.

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