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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Cindy Sheehan - hate and hypocrisy

Cindy Sheehan is not content to slam our country and our President. Now she has stooped lower than a snake’s belly to slam Move America Forward and its members. In her latest screed, “Speak for Yourself”, Sheehan mocks MAF’s coffee for the troops campaign as “not supporting the troops”. She derides MAF’s “non-partisan” status and the summer ’05 bus tour – “Cindy, You Don’t Speak for Me”. As if anything that she has done in her extended 15 minutes of fame has demonstrated one iota of support for the troops. Sheehan can stand on her little soapbox all day screeching in her child-like voice that she supports the troops by wanting them home. That will not change the fact that the media hungry Sheehan has literally spit on our soldiers, including her own son, with her actions.

Sheehan is the epitome of what the liberal wing of the Democratic Party stands for – hate and hypocrisy. She trashes the USA but is quick to use her Constitutional Right to Free Speech. She ridicules anyone that does not toe the Sheehan line. She mocks those that attempt to demonstrate the country’s support of the troops by sending care packages to the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Sheehan took the name of an honorable organizations, Gold Star Mothers, and used it for her own gain. Sheehan also claims that Gold Star Moms was formed in protest against the Vietnam War, which is a blatant lie.

She has derided the families of soldiers killed in action that continue to support the President and the soldiers fighting in Iraq – in one interview she called them “sheeple”. Meanwhile, Sheehan lauds the accomplishments of such lowlifes as Kevin Benderman, who chickened out when he was assigned to the 3rd ID and claimed “conscientious objector” status.

Sheehan plays kissy-face with Chavez in Venezuela while he calls President Bush a terrorist. She shows up at the State of the Union Speech for more publicity but had a premature exposure of her anti-war t-shirt. Sheehan posed for Vanity Fair by lying on her son’s grave, which is still without a headstone. She called the terrorists in Iraq “freedom fighters” while working with Code Pink, the organization that gave money to the “other side” in Fallujah. Sheehan claims our soldiers are committing genocide and murdering innocents.

She refuses to blame the terrorists for her son’s death – instead she blames President Bush. She protests in front of the White House and then feigns outrage when she is arrested. Not reported in the media was the fact that one of Cindy’s organizations sent out a Press Release a day before her White House sit-in that stated that the goal of the protest was for Cindy to be arrested. Sheehan blames Israel for problems in the Middle East while calling President Bush “the Fuhrer”.

Sheehan has lied repeatedly about her meeting with President Bush. Prior to the media spotlight, Sheehan said that the President was respectful and supportive during her visit with Bush. Then once she jumped in bed with the raving lunatics on the left, Sheehan described the meeting as “one of the most disgusting experiences in my life”. Soon after, the Sheehan media machine pulled the pictures of the Sheehan family with President Bush off the Internet. Cindy was holding hands with the President in the photos – the very same man that she called “arrogant” and “detached from humanity”.

She consistently states that Casey Sheehan was killed after being in Iraq for less than a week. Sheehan neglects to mention that Casey was on his second tour in Iraq – a tour that was voluntary. She claims that the money for Iraq reconstruction is going to “line the pockets of the war profiteers and the mercenaries” while charging $30,000 for a speaking engagement to talk about the war.

Cindy Sheehan said that she never claimed to speak for anyone but herself. However, her own organization calls Cindy’s stalking of the President, the “America Stands with Cindy” campaign. Sheehan blasts MAF’s non-partisan status while she uses each and every opportunity to campaign against President Bush. MAF has no Bush or Republican ads or logos on its website. Gold Star Families for Peace is full of photos and ads criticizing the Bush administration.

Cindy stated that she did not want President Bush to “use Casey’s death to justify his killing anymore”. In one interview, Sheehan said “I’m a very well-known figure” while using her son’s death to get into the spotlight and stay there. It is not about Casey or his death or the war – it is all about Cindy and her place in the spotlight.

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