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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Wickedly Satirical or Just Tasteless?

The AP is just "stuck on stupid". They put out an article about Mardi Gras in New Orleans titled "Mardi Gras Costumes Wickedly Satirical". Now maybe my sense of humor has worn thin after a long day of work but I fail to find these costumes satirical - wicked maybe - disgusting and disrespectful - yes.

"Kevin and Marie Barre, a husband and wife from New Orleans, wore white plastic coveralls bearing the all-too-familiar spray-painted "X" that denotes a home that has been checked for bodies. "It's a reminder. A lot of people who are coming down here don't understand what we've been through," Kevin Barre said.

Members of another club called the Krewe of MRE covered themselves with brown labels from the Meals Ready to Eat that were served to thousands who huddled in the Superdome after the storm. Others dressed as giant maggots, recalling the days when city streets were lined with abandoned refrigerators full of rotting food.

Mayor Ray Nagin, wearing a black beret and camouflage uniform, portrayed cigar-chomping Gen. Russell Honore, the military man who led the first big relief convoy into the city."

I am appalled that Mayor Chocolate would disrespect the uniform of the US Military in this way. Especially since the National Guard and the Coast Guard saved the lives of his citizens while he twiddled his thumbs. Not to mention pretending to be Gen. Honore. Nagin is not worthy enough to wipe Honore's backside much less pretend to be him. Maybe the White Horse is a symbol of that glass of milk that Mr. Hershey wants to use to make that glass of delicious chocolate milk.

Now THIS is Funny!

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