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Monday, March 27, 2006

A Butt Whippin' by Hannity and Levin

Talk about a beat down - did you catch any of the audio of Sean Hannity and Mark Levin going up against Alec "I'm Leaving the Country" Baldwin on Bryan Whitman's show Sunday night? Expose the Left has the audio file here.

Levin knocked Alec right off the radio when he asked why Kim Basinger was so mad at Baldwin - Baldwin actually walked out of the studio. Sean got a few zingers in after Baldwin called him a "no talent hack" and told him to go back to his "construction job".

Funny that Levin called Baldwin a "butt-boy" and "brokeback Alec" cause I cannot forget that SNL skit where Baldwin was a gay scout leader. Completely unfunny and gross but hey, that's Alec Baldwin.

Note to Baldwin - It is disgusting and just plain nasty to scarf down donuts while trying to talk on the radio. You sir are no Howard Stern.

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