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Sunday, March 26, 2006

CNN - Saddam's Tool for Propaganda Distribution

This is just breaking over at FreeRepublic. The awesome FReeper, JVERITAS, has translated another Iraqi document that points out how Saddam Hussein attempted to use the media, specifically CNN, to distribute the propaganda. In this case, the propaganda involved blaming the US forces from the first Gulf War for the mass graves. Here's a partial translation of Document ISGQ 2004-00224003 dated February 7 2001...

Beginning of the Partial Translation
The Republic of Iraq
The Intelligence Apparatus
Date: 7/2/2001
No 1687
In the Name of God the Merciful the Most Compassionate
To the respectful Mr. Director of the Fourth Directory
Your letter secret and immediate numbered B 264 on 2/4/2001
1. No information is available to us about the Mass Graves in the Southern Region.
2.We see to achieve the observation the following matters:
A. Inspect the graves to confirm the existence of Nuclear Radiations.
B. Were they buried alive or their death was by suffocation.
C. Are they military personnel or civilians.
D. Are there tombstones that carry the names of the martyrs
E. Identify accurate marks and proofs of the graves and the possibility to reach it quickly and identify it.
3. We do not agree that the declaration about it through a direct Iraqi media in the first stage at least and not to cause public and party reaction so that the subject will take as a priority an international interest, and we should work on the following direction during this stage:
A. Leak the news through reliable sources.. News agencies or Satellite stations.. and that there is confusion, and indications from the members of the Coalition forces about the existence of mass graves civilians and military personnel in the South of Iraq.
B. The attempt to search for soldiers from the Coalition forces in a serious way to mention these truth through the agencies.
C. Ask some of the friendly countries with good technology to find these graves and for sure it will be asked from some news agencies in these countries to humanly participate in this effort and in case it is discovered there will be media reactions internationally and foreign and this media must be given a big space to repeat it and leak it to take its natural form of influence on the countries that made this bad deed and give it to the international general opinion.
D. Not to dig these grave by the Iraqi side… and it is possible to make a dialogue with the CNN channel to give them a priority on this subject to have an influence over the international arena and it will be accepted more than the Iraqi media.
End of Partial Translation

Don't forget that CNN was complicit with Saddam's regime and actually admitted it shortly after Operation Iraqi Freedom began. That's probably the reason Saddam felt comfortable utilizing CNN to cover his backside. Imagine how many people would still be alive today had CNN told the truth. Why some choose to believe that CNN is telling the truth now is beyond me...

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