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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Congressional GOP'ers Utilizing Blame Bush Strategy

The Republicans in Congress are on some kind of power trip. One episode of standing up with Schumer and Hillary against President Bush and it goes straight to their heads. Instead of standing up for the President, they are now standing against him. At a time when the President needs the support from them, the Congressional GOP'ers are jumping ship - concerned more with their own power.

Here are some of the reasons why the Republicans in Congress are "distancing themselves" from the President:

Fumbled handling of Katrina - Republicans in Congress have pointed numerous fingers of blame at Bush but refuse to hold Nagin and Blanco responsible. Hardly a single word about unused school buses, failure of leadership at state and local level, failure to follow their own Emergency Evacuation plan, etc., etc. Just more "federal failures" - forget personal responsibility.

Uproar over secret eavesdropping program - The only uproar was from the Dems and a few RINO's. The lackluster response by the GOP to dems claims only added fuel to the fire.

Unhappiness about Iraq - No one said it was going to be easy. In our "want it now" society, everyone is looking for overnight results. Instead of firing back at the claims of "lying", "unjust" and "illegal", the Congressional GOP'ers hold another meeting or agree to another hearing. Not once has any of the Republicans in Congress stood up and said "ENOUGH". They politely chastise others for calling our President "incompetent" and "stupid". The public only has to hear the name calling so much before it starts to stick - especially when the Republicans on the Hill remain meek and mild mannered.

Dubai Ports Deal - I am NOT even going there cause it was a ridiculous reaction that was manipulated by Schumer and Co.

Harriet Miers Nomination - This one I have trouble with too...

Bush's failure to overhaul Social Security - And exactly whose fault is that? Seems that the weak kneed Congress failed to follow through with their promises also.

Now we have Sen. Norm Coleman voicing his "concerns" about the President's team. Excuse me Sen Coleman - If you want to be in charge of the President's team, I suggest you run for election to the Presidency. We did not elect you to set up the President's team. Worry about your own little area in the Senate first.

The only "tin ear" belongs to the Republicans in Congress that would rather take a page from the DNC playbook. Just Blame Bush to deflect the spotlight on your own failings. It has not been a winning strategy for the Left - the Republicans in Congress may suffer the same fate. The Congressional Republicans need to look at their part in the "woes" of the White House.

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