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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Farrakhan Calls for the Muslim World to Unite Against America

Ole Calypso Louie is at it again. Not content to spew his racist filth in the continental United States, Farrakhan visited old friend Castro in Cuba to spread his "love" for the USA. Here's some priceless statements from the Reverend of Hate courtesy of Reuters...

"denounced "wicked" U.S. policies for turning the world against America."

"We need a new government, we need regime change in America"

"said the Bush administration's domestic policies were "sucking the blood of the poor and the weak."

"defended Iran's right to develop a nuclear energy program to reduce dependence on oil and said Washington's opposition was a pretext for a war."

"The Muslim world should unite against America's desire for a preemptive strike against Iran and Syria," he said at a news conference." (doesn't this sound an awful like advocating violence against the United States?

"said a similar pretext was used by Washington to invade Iraq "to rape the treasuries of the United States of hundreds of billions of dollars to be doled out to the friends of President Bush, Halliburton and Bechtel and associates."

"He thanked President Fidel Castro and blasted the U.S. economic embargo against Cuba as a "wicked blockade." The U.S. government has no moral grounds to criticize Cuba, where education and health care are free, he added."

Well Reverend, I am sure that I speak for many Americans when I say... Get back on your Mother Wheel Spaceship and move your anti-American butt down to Castro's Cuba. Goodbye and good riddance - and most importantly, don't let the screen door hit ya, where the good Lord split ya...

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