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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I'm Torn and Angry - The Immigration Debate

Just left my favorite haunt after so many knife wounds from posters that are hysterical over the whole immigration issue. I must admit that I am torn about the whole immigration issue. On the one hand, I understand the negativity surrounding a "guest worker program" because it does seem to reward illegal behavior in some respects. But I'm a realist also - we can't get the illegals out now, what makes another law more enforcable?

IMHO mass deportation is really just a bandaid to the illegal immigration ulcer. A not so quick "quick fix" and really just a political tool to appeal to the masses. The PROBLEMS must be fixed first and foremost. Shut the borders down or at the very least put a massive presence on the border. Keep them out in the first place.

Until the existing laws are enforced, no amount of political posturing and enacting more laws will cure this sickness. We MUST hold the businesses accountable. Start policing the businesses that hire illegals. When a business is caught with illegals on the payroll (or the "under the table" payroll), shut it down or fine the hell out of it. No appeals allowed. You're caught and that's it. Take the illegals that are part of said business back to their country of origin after fingerprinting, retinal scanning, photographing, or whatever to identify them as previously deported illegal immigrants. This is a two-pronged approach - you catch the illegals and send them back PLUS you punish the businesses that reward illegals. Cut off the money - then you will cut back on the number of border jumpers coming here to make moola.

Certainly not a "quick fix" but this problem did not occur overnight. It's been building for 20+ years. Forget "amnesty" or "guest worker programs" for now. Focus on the root of the problem.

Doug From Upland over at FReeperville posted a number that you can call to report illegal immigrants. In a previous life I would probably not encouraged this, but times have changed. You can get the number here and read what others are saying about the idea.

I have seen first hand the economic impact of illegal immigration and "undocumented" workers as a RN in the home health field. I cannot possible recall all the "indigent" patients that we took (on a rotating basis with other home health companies) because the patient was an illegal immigrant. Many were injured on the JOB and since they were undocumented, workers comp was not part of the equation. I sure wish I had the number a few years ago...

Now the anger - I am sick and tired of the flood of Bush bashing from the right. FReeper Town is a dangerous place when you land on the immigration threads and you dare speak a positive about the President. Many are knee jerkers that take what the media feeds them and then regurgitate it as their "own" opinion. Essentially the same reaction as the Ports Deal - jump before checking the facts. It is ridiculous to cry "impeach Bush" and "worse President ever" in response to the immigration issue. Of course this has been prodded by many of the popular bloggers who also tend to shrillness and lack critical thinking skills. This type of reaction belongs over at DU or the Huffington Poop. Screaming chicken littles do nothing but give the media more fodder in their hate Bush campaign. I am not pleased with the President's response to immigration reform BUT I will not start signing on to "ImpeachBush".com. My guess is that those so quick to take a swipe at the President never really supported him anyway. By pointing the finger at the President only, you are exposing yourself as someone that does not have the capacity to think for themselves. You can disagree but still maintain your dignity.

I laughingly told my husband that I was researching the manufacturers of artificial joints for surgical replacement. He looked at me as if I had grown two heads. I explained that with all the knee jerk reactions over the past few months, a LOT of people are going to need joint replacement surgery for their knees so I wanted to get in on the ground floor and feather my retirement nest a little more. Well.. I thought it was funny...

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