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Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Iraq Document Translations

An amazing member of FreeRepublic, jveritas, has taken on the monumental task of interpreting many of the recently released Iraq documents. Jveritas posts his translations over at FreeRepublic along with the links to the original documents. For those skeptical of a FReeper's interpretation of the documents, Jveritas was born in Lebanon and lived there for 22 years. He is fluent in Arabic. ABC News has had some of the same documents translated and they match up completely with Jveritas' interpretation. Frankly I trust Jveritas' translation than I would be with the leaky sieves at the CIA.

It is damn amazing what is contained in these documents - Russian governmental agent leaking US war plans to Saddam, confirmation about Saddam's quest for nuclear weapons and much more. What's even more amazing is the lack of lamestream media coverage of these documents. I guess I shouldn't be surprised since the documents completely undermine the "Bush Lied" and the "War for Oil" claims trumpeted by the media.

A huge thank you and hat tip to Jveritas. He is doing a yoeman's work and doing it for free. Now THAT is a Great American!

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