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Friday, March 03, 2006

A Little Vacation

Will be taking a trip to Florida this weekend where my hubby is judging at the Hunting Retriever Trials in Clermont FL. I love going to the trials - outside in fresh air, great people and good food. Since my hubby is such a good guy and hard worker, I'm putting a link to his website for his retriever training business. The name of his business is "Whistlin Dixie Retrievers" (I came up with that name :-) If you ever have a Hunting Retriever Trials near you, take some time and go watch a few rounds. If you love dogs, this is quite an experience. You'll see some of the pictures on Whistlin Dixie's website. You can check the Hunting Retriever Club website for more info.

So - have a great weekend. I'm trusting you all to hold the fort down and keep beating up on the Liberals while I'm gone...

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