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Sunday, March 05, 2006

My Little Corner of the World is in the Spotlight

All the craziness of DP World leasing a few terminals in the United States is making headlines. Meanwhile, another Dubai Firm is buying a company with a plant in Rincon GA. Doncasters Effingham, a maker of parts for tanks and aircraft is up for sale to a Dubai firm.

The sale of the parent company Doncasters Group Dubai International Capital was announced in December but the $1.2 billion transaction has been largely overlooked, according to the Savannah Morning News. Doncasters Effingham has about 135 employees. It is one of nine locations Doncasters operates in the United States. The company makes parts for defense contractors such as Boeing Co and General Electric Co.

John Barrow, the Democrat that proves that butt-holes can talk, has already jumped onto the soapbox of outrage. A member of the US House of Representatives, whose constituents include Effingham County residents, said that the deal should be stopped. Barrow based his decision on what he knows about the Doncasters’ deal – which is probably very little given his history and is limited to the talking points of his puppeteers in the GA DNC.. For those of you outside of my district, Barrow won the election in 2004 after a plethora of negative ads including one that depicted an elderly man falling down in the street. The ad went on to claim that if you voted for Max Burns, Barrow’s opponent, this is what would happen to the elderly in GA. Thanks to a dumb-downed Democratic majority and some selective redistricting, Barrow won the seat.

Barrow does not blame the employees of Doncaster Effingham. In fact he feels great pity for the employees that could lose their jobs if the deal fails. Who does Barrow blame? Give you three guesses and the first two don’t count… I’ll be keeping track of developments here and, of course, researching the FACTS. Check back for updates as I can get them. Look for Reid, Pelosi to use this sale as another talking point. I am sure that the media hogging Republicans that are trying to score some political points will be blasting the Bush Administration on this topic also. I just hope David Gregory comes down here to cover the story – I would love to take him out for a couple of beers…

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