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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Apology? That Ma'am Was No Apology!

Calling Miss Manners! Calling Miss Manners! You are needed at the Democratic Party Headquarters STAT to teach a class in Apologizing 101.

Cynthia McKinney issued what the media labeled an "apology". I read her statement. It was no apology. It was more of a "my party made me do this" statement. Not one iota of remorse and no apology to the officer involved. No repudiation of her own stupid race card statements. You cannot "regret an escalation" when you are responsible for the escalation. McKinney's "apology" was almost as believable as Dick Durbin's apology for equating our soldiers to Nazis, etc. Since she issued this "apology" on the floor of the House, it is more believable that McKinney was apologizing for taking her party "off message".

In order to perpetuate her victim status, McKinney has hired a bodyguard. Here is the just-released photo of the bodyguard.

The bodyguard got into a verbal joust with a reporter today. The bodyguard threatened the reporter with "throwing his ass in jail". Is this what having your ass thrown in jail looks like?

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