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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Cindy Sheehan - "Bush is a Traitor"

During her Friday appearance at Camp Casey, Cindy Sheehan put aside the solemnity of Good Friday to engage in some rhetoric throwing. (After she marched down the road with her cross and her mardi gras beads -photo courtesy of Sweetness-Light)

"I'm called a traitor because I go to different countries that we're not at war with, that we have diplomatic relations with. Nobody called Condi a traitor when she talked to Dermot Ahern, the foreign minister of Ireland; but when I did the week after, I was called a traitor.Well, let's call – she’s a traitor. She is a traitor. George Bush is a traitor. George Bush leaks classfied information and says, "Euuuhhh, it's not - if I leak it, it's not classified, then."

Not content to let that be all of the stupidity that came out of her mouth, Cindy continued with this little idea...

"We have to reach across the artificial boundaries that old, dead white guys drew on maps hundreds of years ago. And you guys had a beautiful song; you can't let our love of country stop at the boundaries. We should be members of the human race first, and Americans second."

Hey Cindy - maybe this is why people call you a traitor.

UPDATE: Sister Toldjah has a report on Jane Fonda bowing to Cindy's anti-war protest prowess here.

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