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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Hollywood Liberal Blames Bush for Increased Popularity of Horror Movies

UPDATE: Rush read my Newsbusters article on his show today (4/17/06) at the top of the 1pm EST hour. Of course, no one in my family was listening at the time and I could not reach them on the phone... Sigh...

UPDATE: Expose the Left has the video clip of the interview here.

During an episode of insomnia, I caught the 4am replay of Friday's "Your World with Neil Cavuto". One of his guests, Director Eli Roth, was attempting to explain why horror movies are so popular with all of the terror fears, etc in the world. Guess what Roth did?? He actually blamed President Bush and his administration for the increase in horror movie popularity.

Roth listed the "never ending war", a "disorganized army", soldiers that are "a bunch of scared kids that just want to go home" and the recent spate of generals speaking out against Rummy as increasing the need for America's emotional release offered by the slasher flicks. But Roth insisted that since "things were calm" during the Clinton Administration, there were fewer horror movies released. Cavuto tried to help this poor soul see the light, but the BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome) was just too far advanced.

Just for fun I checked out CarFax Abbey's horror movie database to see the release dates of some of the movies. I wanted to test Roth's theory - you know equate the horror movies to what was happening in the world to see if there was any correlation. It was amazing...

Horror Movies Released During Jimmy Carter's Presidency:
"Rabid" - remember the attack rabbit??
"Invasion of the Body Snatchers" - appropriate to the time
"The Gates of Hell" and "The Other Hell" - hmmm does kinda fit
"The Final Conflict" - preview of his beat down by Reagan

Horror Movies Released During Bill Clinton's Presidency:
"Return of the Living Dead 3"
"Creatures from the Abyss"
"That Little Monster"
"The Scare Game"
"I Know What You Did Last Summer"
"Disturbing Behavior"
"I Still Know What You Did Last Summer"
"Screaming for Sanity"
"American Psycho"
"Bride of Monster Mania"

DAMN! Maybe Roth was right.....
Just kidding - this was nothing more than a 2-bit hack Director that used his "Hollywood" status to beat up on President Bush and his administration. If I was responsible for the flop "Hostel", I think I would keep a lower profile than Roth.

See my post over at Newsbusters for more...

Wizbang Blog rightly calls Eli Roth a Twit

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