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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Leaking our Security Away

I'm sure that everyone has heard that Mary McCarthy has been fired from the CIA for leaking classified intelligence information to reporters. What is amazing is that the firing comes on the heels of WaPo's Dana Priest winning the Pulitzer Prize for reporting the classified info that McCarthy leaked.

McCarthy has some interesting ties. She was hired by Mr. Sock Stuffer himself - Sandy Berger. She delivered testimony to the 9/11 commission regarding pre-9/11 intelligence. McCarthy worked for Inspector General's office in the CIA - the very same dept that is charged with investigation of leaks. She was a donor to John Kerry's Presidential campaign.

According to a White House Press Release from June 17, 1998...
"Mary McCarthy had been Director of Intelligence Programs on the National Security Council Staff since July 1996. Previously, said the White House, Mrs. McCarthy served as the National Intelligence Officer for Warning from 1994-1996 and as the Deputy National IntelligenceOfficer for Warning from 1991-1994. She began government service in 1984 as an analyst in the Directorate of Intelligence of the Central Intelligence Agency."

According to MSNBC, contact between McCarthy and Priest was not just a one time thing or a chance meeting...
"Sources said the CIA believes McCarthy had more than a dozen unauthorized contacts with Priest. Information about subjects other than the prisons may have been leaked as well."

The Washington Post is concerned about how this will affect the relationship between the Bush Administration and the media...
"The effort has been widely seen among members of the media, and some legal experts, as the most extensive and overt campaign against leaks in a generation, and has worsened the already-tense relationship between mainstream news organizations and the White House."

On poor little mediabots...for the last 5 years they have beat up on the President and his administration. They have served as mouthpieces for the DNC and any other hate-Bush group. Instead of reporting the facts, the enemedia has exaggerated, omitted, ignored, implied and at times even falsified information just to undermine the Bush administration. All the while, the media "professionals" hid behind the First Amendment and continued with the biased reports.

Our soldiers and our national security have been placed at risk because of the publication of leaked information. Our relationships with our allies has suffered due to the leaked information. It's high time the leakers and their complicit media pals were held accountable for their actions. Here's hoping that this is just the first of many firings and arrests. I imagine that Priest, James Risen and many others are not sleeping very well right now. Good.

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