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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Moonbats Unhinged on Anti-Iran War Petition

The Moonbats over at After Downing Street have started a petition urging President Bush and VP Cheney to "not attack the nation of Iran." One of the MIC (Moonbats in Charge) is none other than Mama Sheehan (when there is a chance of press coverage, count of Mother Moonbat's appearance). While the subject of possible military action against Iran is a serious topic, the comments posted by the signers of the petition are so absurd, they're funny. Since it's a Friday, I thought I'd start the day with some smiles and giggles courtesy of the Moonbats....

Category: Get SpellCheck Please...
"Don't be fullish. Don't attack Iran."

"....would forego the construction and pocession of Nuclear Arms..."

"Impeach Bush, and charge him with war crimes along with chaney..."

"To attack Iran is as stupid as it gets Using nukes is even Dumb and Bumber."

"You are all demans"

"IAttacking Iraq is a serious mistake that could evlolce into an international crisis."

"Please stop the lunitic in the White House from attacking Iraq now."

"Stop the panpering for another illegal and immoral war."

"Please let us not masacare more lives."

"The history will put your beside Hitlers and Chengiz Khans of the world."

"Stop threatening Start negociations"

"Please ==== no attak"

"An attaq on Iran is not warrented by this Administration, whose curruption is desperatly ooky."

Category: Invasion of the Trolls...
"Please leave Iran alone. Please nuke Cindy Sheehan."

Signers- Osama bin, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Mohamed, John Kerry in Coward SC, Jacques Chirac, Large Crowd of Cheese Monkeys, The Incompetent Troll, George Patton, Wile E. Coyote in Acme, LA, I.P. Freely in Marked Tree, AR, Josef Stalin, Tony Soprano, Seymour Crack, Heywood Jablowme

Signer - Yasser - "Yes don't attack Iran, they want peace just like my Hamastinian children."

"Yahoooooooo!!! Drop the nukes!"

Signer - Ted Kennedy "No war on Iran! I think. Uh, where's my scotch."

Signer - Hillary - "#^%$ Bill. Every time I catch you on the computer you're cruising for womyn. Keep it in your F*%&#^@ pants or I'll cut the damn thing off."

Signer - WJ Clinton - "Hey, any hot young chicks around here."

Signer - Jimmuh - "Now, now Mistah President. We can have peace. I'm friends with Castro, after all, and Arafat was a good guy too."

Signer - Steve Martin - "Those are some wild and crazy mullahs."

Signer - John Kerry - "Reporting for doody"

Signer - Cynthia McKinney - "Don't push me, you racist imperialist jackels. How's my hair?"

Category: Let's Just Show Them Some Love
"Please talk to Iran. Their leaders are begging to talk to you."

"I urge you to adopt the policy of the progressive democrats for america which would encourage other countries not to build nuclear weapons because we would eliminate our nuclear stockpiles and not build new nuclear weapons. Might never makes right."

"Real men meet in person and practice meaningful diplomacy."

"Why not try something new, as humbling as it may seem, like engaging in a conversation with the troublesome parties?"

"Please... Let's not start WWIII. Can't we all get along?"

Category: Say What?
"With most Americans, I feel that nukes should never be used."

"Attacking Iraq is wrong. What President Bush has done to Iran is horrific to our people as well as the people of Tran."

"Finish what you started first, then you can go home to Waco."

"I'm a real live Viet Nam veteran and I so order you to 'cease and desist with all unlawful orders..."

"Please don't attack Iran before they do anything. Remember the pre-emptive Japanese attack on Hawaii -- the Japanese are still living it down."

"We must work as one earth or we will kill ourselves."

"How many more things can you people blow up until there isn't anything left to wreck?"

"It would be National Suicide to attack Iran."

"Cheney lose the delusion of becoming the Grand Wizard of the World."

I'm going back over there and see what other priceless gems I can find. Some of these would make GREAT taglines...

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