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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Pass the A1 Cause I Can't Eat Crow Without It...

While my blog is a lot of opinion pieces, I try my best to ensure that the facts are really facts. When I am wrong about something I have enough confidence in myself and my writing to admit it.

Jill Carroll released a statement today via The Christian Science Monitor. In her statement, she said she was "forced to participate in a propaganda video" (the one released to the media shortly after Carroll's release). Carroll also stated that the TV interview with the Iraqi Islamic Party did not represent her "speaking freely" and she feared "retribution" from her captors.

Carroll's statement also addressed the non-cooperation with the military and travel refusal. She called both issues "false". She called the kidnappers "criminals" and said she was "deeply angry with the people who did this."

I apologize to Jill Carroll, her family and friends about the comments I posted on her release. I am not completely swayed by her statement but will sit back and wait to see what else unfolds. I do stand by my original post in February as the information was based on facts uncovered during research. I have to admit that her statement today has alleviated some of the stinkiness.

So... pass me some A1 for the heaping plate of crow that I am about to have for supper.

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