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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Cindy and the Deserters

Cindy Sheehan and her Sheehanites are once again in Canada embracing those weak kneed spineless cowards known as military deserters. Anytime someone is bitching about Iraq, count of seeing Sheehan right in the middle of it. Here's a few snips from Breitbart News...

"I begged him not to go to Iraq," the anti-war activist said through tears at a rally in support of the former soldiers, who wore black T- shirts emblazoned with "AWOL." "And I wish he was standing up here with these people because he didn't want to go."

Every time this wretched woman opens her fat maw, she spews a different story. Casey enlisted for A SECOND TOUR IN IRAQ voluntarily. No amount of Sheehan's crying, wailing, rending of clothes (oh dear God -no) will change that fact.

Now she is embracing the very people that are the antithesis to her son. He was brave and a hero. These guys are chicken livered cowards that wanted the benefits of the military but were not "men enough" to follow through with their committments.

One of deserters that Sheehan embraced was Darrell Anderson. Anderson "spent seven months in Iraq with the Army's 1st Armored Division and received a purple heart following a roadside bomb attack before deciding during a leave he would not go back."

Here's a few of Anderson's claims about his time in Iraq...
"When I was in Iraq, we were killing innocent people for oil."

''US Army Specialist Darrell Anderson hated his seven months in Iraq. He hated the people he was fighting against, hated the people he was fighting for." (link)

"At one point, he and a group of soldiers were stationed in front of a roadblock near an Iraqi police station. For several hours they sustained enemy fire. Several soldiers had died. Then, for a while, it was calm. Suddenly a car drove toward Anderson's position. It had broken what soldiers call a "safety perimeter." Also the car was emmitting sparks, probably from bad brakes. Protocol in that situation is to shoot first and ask questions later, which is what Anderson's fellow soldiers were yelling for him to do.
"It's ok, it's ok, it's a family," he yelled back.
Anderson held his fire. He had assumed the driver was confused, that he was trying to flee the city. He guessed right. Before the car sped away Anderson could make out two children sitting in the back seat. A boy and a girl, he thinks.
"Why didn't you shoot?" some of the other soldiers asked him. "Next time you shoot," they ordered."
"They got their procedures," says Anderson. "Even if it is a family, you're supposed to open fire, cause they broke the safety perimeter." (link)
[And how many "cars full of families" have killed our soldiers?]

"There had been reports of people with RPG's [Rocket Propelled Grenades], he recalls. "They sent us out to confirm this, which basically means they were out there waiting for us." To investigate the reports, Anderson and about four or five other soldiers boarded a Howitzer tank. Several guys, including one of his best friends, were leaning out of the tank's portholes, guns in hand. Anderson and the rest of team sat inside, across from each other, eyes closed, "just calmly getting ready for what's about to happen."
The attack came suddenly. The deafening rally of machine gun fire drowned out all other sounds. "The next thing I know," Anderson recalls, "my buddy's falling, and he falls on to of me, 'cause I'm sitting down, and he's bloody, and he's spitting up blood thinking he's going to die. He's asking us if he's going to die."

Anderson looked around. Everyone was scared. No one wanted to take his friend's vacated spot atop the vehicle. So Anderson took it upon himself, moved into the porthole position. "I go up there, and I'm thinking, 'right, we're under attack. Shoot somebody!'"
Anderson lifted his gun, aimed, pulled the trigger. Nothing.
He'd forgotten to switch the safety to off.
"I turn it to fire, I point again, and it's a little kid, 14 years old. He's running for his life scared," says Anderson. "Just like me and my fellow soldiers."
(link) [probably running for his life after shooting up your vehicle and killing your buddy]

Does Anderson's recounting of the roadblock incident sound familiar? It should. Before Anderson deserted his obligation to the United States, he researched the case of Jeremy Hinzman, another coward who deserted to Canada. Who testified at Hinzman's hearing for refugee status? None other than that lying bastard, Jimmy Massey. (already exposed as a fraud for his "war crime" claims). Compare Jimmy's checkpoint massacre story with Anderson's - very similar.

At Sheehan's media event, another coward spoke out about his desertion...
"They say we're traitors, we're deserters," said former Marine Chris Magaoay, 20, of the Hawaiian island of Maui. "No, I'm a Marine and I stand up for what I believe in, and I believe the Constitution of the United States of America is being pushed aside as a scrap piece of paper."

Sorry Magaoay... when you turned your back on the Marines and your country, you ceased being a Marine. Too bad you didn't bother to stand up to your obligations instead of treating your enlistment papers like a scap piece of paper. You are not just a deserter and traitor - you are a COWARD. Just like your fellow ex-Marine John Murtha and your comrades in Canada.

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