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Friday, June 02, 2006

Goodbye Troll and Good Riddance

I have put up with this pesky troll long enough... I'm posting these because I want the world to see just how stupid some of these people are. These are three separate comments made by three different posters. Notice "Anonymous" is the ass, "Mr. Bilfil" is the intellectual, and "Eponymous" is the fake FReeper. Now take a look at the IP address... All three are the same people (or using the same computer). Is this how KOS gets so many different diaries? Are they all the same person just posting under different names?

And to "Anonymous Mr. Bilfil Eponymous" - thank you. You've given me some great material for my next book.

From Anonymous…
Your suggestion that my post about your kids was disrespectful or profane is a lie. You are claiming you are a chickenhawk, that that's a badge of honor. [Blah Blah Blah... You're a liar... Bush is the antichrist... You are a coward... KOS Rulz...Blah Blah Blah... Yada Yada Yada...]You need serious medical attention befor you do harm to yourself and others, because your life seems to be balanced rather precariously on a house of cards. Your cowardice couldn't be more evident in your banning of my comments. You simply cannot take the heat. You are a serial liar. When faced with proof, you ban and censor, rather than engage. You are a coward in the truest sense of the word, and then you have the gall to talk about me further without the benefit of allowing me to offer my response to your lies about me and what I wrote. Your kids are too good, too precious to go fight and die.... (edited for repetitious talking points use) 06.02.06 - 1:09 pm IP:

From Mr. Bilfil…
How were the comments "nasty?" Are your kid's serving in Iraq? They aren't. Are other people's children serving? They are. Are your kids more special? That's for you to determine, and for you to explain to your readers. If our enemies are out to destroy our way of life, why do some get to pursue college and life at the mall, while others go fight and die? I was not being nasty, I was pointing out a blatant, glaring inconsitency in your post, in which you cited YOUR OWN DAUGHTER'S relation to the troops as somehow important. How did she end up on this side of the fence while her friends went and died? Square that circle, and I'll give you a moment's peace. 06.02.06 - 2:52 pm IP:

From Eponymous
I followed the link to the girl's shrapnel wound. If you listen to the whole piece you discover that she claims that the marines used grenades outside and inside the house and that's how she sustained the injury. The suggestion that her injury was somehow caused by the IED is irresponsible, since there is no proof at all that her family had anything whatsoever to do with the IED. Her injury was caused by a grenade, according to her.Let's not rush to judgement, but let's not try to cast aspersions via guilt by (non-proven) association. That freeper seems to be a bit kool-aid addled if you ask me. 06.02.06 - 2:07 pm IP:

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