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Monday, June 19, 2006

Libs Latest Strategery - Use the Word "Occupation" Instead of "War"

The Libs have a new strategery to reframe the debate on the war in Iraq. Instead of calling it a "war", the latest talking point is to use the word "occupation". According to Thom Hartmann from Air America (it's still broadcasting?), this play on words will help Libs defend their "cut and run" strategery. It's not cowardice when you cut and run from an occupation... (I'm still trying to figure out that logic).

Another great benefit for Libs - using "occupation" will help justify the insurgents' violence. After all don't freedom fighters defend their country from an occupation?

Watch and see how fast the mainstream enemedia picks up on this meme. Which print media organization will be the first to take up this cause? I'll take NY Slimes for $500 Alex.

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