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Saturday, June 17, 2006

THIS is the Democratic Party - Straight From their Own Potty Mouths

The inmates over at the DUmp are just peeing all over themselves about the "brave" comments that Larry Johnson made about Karl Rove. You know the ones where he said that it was no surprise that Rove's mother committed suicide since she had a son like Rove. The same posting that Larry Johnson went back and edited to make it just a touch less inflammatory by adding a comparison of Rove to Goebbels.

Just this past week, the enemedia has been kissing some major Kos butt. Kos has been hailed as the greatest thing since sliced bread all through the media. Hell even Harry Reid spoke at the Yearly Kos love-in. Forgotten were all the nasty comments, foul language and just downright hateful statements made on KOS and DU.

So in an effort to keep you better informed than the so-called media, here's a taste of what the DU lowlifes are REALLY like - straight out of their potty mouths... You can read the comments for yourself here and here if you dare...

raysr -"I wish I could've said to him. There's nothing to horrible to collar that SOB with, good for Larry Johnson. Hey Karl, I hope your mother is burning in hell for spawning a POS like you! "

MODemocrat - "...For a Mother to commit suicide is really pitiful, but if any of us had a son like Rove, who knows what we'd do to escape the reality of it? It would be pure Hell."

Virginia Dare - "I can't seem to work up even a tiny bit of outrage over this. In fact, it gives me a certain measure of satisfaction. Honestly, I would dearly like to see this man's life become a living hell for what he's done to this country. It's probably wrong of me to feel this way, but so be it. "

mwb970 - "I don't care what anyone says about his damn mother. Dig her up and beat him with her bones if you want. As far as I am concerned anyone can say anything they want about this slimy bastard and anyone responsible for him being here. At least she's dead, unlike the hag that spewed out Jesus W. Asshole to be our president. "

mitchum - "The fact that he is the "son" of a cuckold, his mother's suicide and his sireing of a disabled child are all factors in making him the wonderful person that he is.However, I still have no pity for the miserable motherf*$#@r ."

MadJohnShaft - "If he was my boy, I'd have 'Ended Him' long ago."

Teaser -"I don't care. It takes evil to fucking kill evil.Time to get evil."

burythehatchet - "His father was much smarter. I think he just ran out on the family. KKKarl must have exhibited signs of his future at a very early age."

Jim Sagle - "LONG overdue. Most prominent Republicans are filth, personally. It MUST be said, LOUDLY and OFTEN. "

Despite the nastiness, some DUmpers actually believe that THEY have been "too nice" and taken the high road all these years. AS IF! I have written two books that chronicle some of their "nice comments". Believe me, nice it ain't.

notadmblnd - "I think it's about time we got as nasty and as snarky as they have been. Taking the high road has gotten us absolutely nowhere. I know it's against our nature, but it's gotta be done."

bleedingheart -"To be honest I think we Democrats have been far too nice... We follow the principles of Christ and try and behave and rise above the gutter and yet the republicans are viewed as the party of God. Well I say let em have it with both barrels. I say give right back. Perhaps it is wrong but I don't really give a shit anymore. I am tired of having our party be represented by pansies who do the right thing but don't breathe fire."

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen - a true picture of the left side of the political spectrum. Don't let the enemedia fool you - this is typical behavior. Who wants this to be the crowd controlling the White House and Congress? Not this chickenhawk!

BTW... according to comments from the DUmpers, Larry Johnson made numerous references to his being a "Republican" at the KOS love in. I know Republicans. I am a Republican. Larry Johnson is not a Republican. Make no mistake - Larry is a KOS kid and DUmper rolled up with a side of TruthOut and VIPS.

Every time that I see Larry Johnson quoted as an "expert" in some new attempt to smear the President, I am going to send a copy of Johnson's Rove Rant to the writer of the article and editor of the media outlet. If they are gonna quote an ass, they should see what an ass really looks like.

UPDATE 6/17/06
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