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Thursday, July 06, 2006

GA Supreme Court Respects the Will of the People

Yippee - finally a court that listens to the will of the people! The GA Supreme Court has overturned the stupid technicality ruling by Superior Court Judge Constance Russell. From Breitbart News...

"The state Supreme Court reinstated Georgia's constitutional ban on gay marriage Thursday, just hours after New York's highest court upheld that state's gay-marriage ban.

The Georgia Supreme Court, reversing a lower court judge's ruling, decided unanimously that the ban did not violate the state's single- subject rule for
ballot measures. Superior Court Judge Constance Russell of Fulton County had ruled that it did.

Seventy-six percent of Georgia voters approved the ban when it was on the ballot in 2004."

As you can see in the above article, the NY State Appeals Court also upheld their states' ban on gay marriage...

"The Court of Appeals in a 4-2 decision said New York's marriage law is constitutional and clearly limits marriage to between a man and a woman. Any change in the law should come from the state Legislature, Judge Robert Smith wrote."

The New York decision said lawmakers have a legitimate interest in protecting children by limiting marriage to heterosexual couples and that the law does not deny homosexual couples any "fundamental right" since same-sex marriages are not "deeply rooted in the nation's history and tradition."

In one of the best statements I have heard in a long time and one that gives me hope for the future of our judiciary....

"We do not predict what people will think generations from now, but we believe the present generation should have a chance to decide the issue through its elected representatives," Smith wrote."

Thank you President Bush for helping to change the tone of the courts back to the way the founding fathers intended!

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