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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

John Kerry Has a Soul Mate

John Kerry has a soul mate in Sgt. Matthew Bee from Akron Ohio. Bee received six medals of commendation for his service in Iraq. But one of the medals is strictly "eye candy" in his mind... The War on Terrorism Service Medal. Like John Kerry pretended to do years ago, Bee is planning on returning his WOT service medal to President Bush when he travels to Washington DC. This is what Sgt. Bee said about his medal and his commander in chief...

"So, he took something noble and honorable and made it kind of dirty. And I always thought that medal was the one he pinned on us and said 'This is my war. This is my stamp in history."

BTW Bee is not anti-war... He is pro-peace.

Sgt Bee thank you for your service to our country but please don't go over to the dark side. Don't be another tool for the moonbats...

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