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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Latest Celebrity to Join Cindy Sheehan's Fast

Add Saddam Hussein to the growing list of celebrities that are fasting along with Mother Moonbat. News came out today that Hussein and three of his co-defendents have been on a hunger strike for at least 5 days. Of course, Saddam's PR reps said that the hunger strike was to protest court proceedings and the death of his lawyer. But those in the know declare that is a media ruse - in actuality he has joined the Troops Home Fast (we all know how much he wants American troops to come home).

Saddam has taken the fast to an extreme, unlike his fasting comrades. He has limited his intake to coffee with sugar and water with nutrients. I guess Saddam did not get the memo from the Sheehanites that the following IS allowed on this special "look at me" fast...

coffee with vanilla ice cream
Jamba Juice
blended juice drinks with protein powder

While the Sheehanites are suffering through hunger pangs and Jamba Juice, Cindy is kicking up her heels at a Youth Festival in Venice Italy. Cindy did take a moment to remind her followers of the importance of staying focused...

It is important to keep our focus on saving the people of Iraq and our soldiers. It is important to keep our focus on ending the war crime in Iraq.

Try not to worry about Cindy. She will not expend too much energy riding in a gondola and drinking coffee with vanilla ice cream. Damn it's tough being the Joan of Arc of the anti-war crowd.

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