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Monday, July 10, 2006

The Media's Dereliction of Duty

Pop over to to read my latest op-ed... The Media's Dereliction of Duty .

Here's a snippet...
Once again the media fails to realize the true source of undermining our campaign in Iraq – it is the media themselves. Every report that claims US soldiers killed in cold blood without any investigation proving the claim as fact undermines our soldiers and our country. It provides fuel to the insurgents’ fire. It allows the insurgents to claim, to the Iraqi people, the moral high ground with retaliatory attacks – “we’re taking care of the evil doers who want to harm you”.

Every atrocity claim is trumpeted by the anti-Bush fanatics as another failure of leadership. Each report is used by members of the anti-American organizations to further their own agenda. When the outrage of the anti-war crowd over alleged atrocities exceeds their outrage over the torture and murder of two US soldiers, the inflammatory media reports are used as justification of their misplaced outrage.

Let me know what you think...

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