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Monday, July 31, 2006

The OTHER Side of the Story

We've been inundated with photos of dead Lebanese women and children. The Arab world is outraged. Israel is being blamed for the deaths while Hezbollah hides behind the children. The sympathies are directed toward the Lebanese while the Israelis are vilified.

But how soon the world forgets. Was there outrage in the Arab world over these pictures? Was the world in solidarity expressing condolences to the Israeli people? Were the attacks or the attackers condemned?

More images here and here - caution these pics are graphic!!

This is just a small sample of the attacks against INNOCENT ISRAELI CIVILIANS. Children, women and elderly were killed in these attacks. Let's not forget that there are two sides to this story and the media is giving us just one...

Oh yeah - for the Hezbollah apologists - here's something to jog your memory...241 dead Marines in Beirut...

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