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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Propaganda Reports From Lebanon Have Begun

Well it didn't take long for the media to start the propaganda campaign about the "innocents" killed by the evil Israelis in Lebanon. This from terrorist supporting AFP (no coincidence -the reporter's name is Jihad Siqlawi )...

Jets 'incinerate' fleeing family
ELEVEN children and seven adults were killed overnight in southern Lebanon, their bodies consumed by flames when an Israeli warplane opened fire on the convoy they were in, UN peacekeepers and hospital sources said. [ahh - the dreaded UN peacekeeper and no name hospital sources]

A doctor, Ali Zeineddine, said they were burned alive. [taking a page from the anti-American propaganda from Iraq and quoting local MDs.]

The father of two of the other children killed, Mahmoud Ghannam, 55, who was not with the targeted convoy, broke down when he arrived at the hospital.
"My God, my God. I can't make out the faces of my children. They are burnt black... Which ones are my children?" he cried, repeatedly hitting his head with his hands.
"My God, Israel is the enemy of mankind," he wailed.
[the obligatory wailing family member that just happened to come along the scene of the accident... notice that this concerned "father" was not traveling with his children]

At least 92 civilians have been killed and 252 wounded in Lebanon since Israel began its assault on Lebanon after the capture of two soldiers and the killing of eight others by the Syrian-backed militant group Hezbollah early Wednesday. [look for a website called Lebanon Body Count to pop up on the Internet courtesy of the moonbats]

An Iraqi was killed and three other workers were wounded in an attack at a fuel station near the southern coastal city of Sidon, police said. [they even threw in a dead Iraqi civilian to ensure the appropriate amount of outrage]

I knew it would not be long before these types of stories started hitting the media when I noticed that Dahr Jamail was reporting from Beirut. His latest article cites more civilians killed by the Israelis...

Nebham Razaq Hamed, a 22-year-old Lebanese student, said the situation in southern Beirut was horrific. "The bombing at night was continuous and has continued today, they are using warplanes and sometimes artillery," he told IPS at the border. "Everybody is in panic because of the haphazard bombing which is killing so many civilians now. The Israelis are terrorizing the people intentionally by not discriminating between fighters and civilians."
"This is an act of terrorism," said Rashid Khalaf, a 27-year-old carpenter carrying his belongings in a large sack. "The Israelis are bombing everywhere in the south, including much of Beirut now. I saw the killing and destruction by the Israelis, they are bombing everywhere they think the Hezbollah may be."

For those not familiar with Dahr Jamail, here is a little background. Jamail is a "reporter" that has exposed the "war crimes" of the US military in Iraq. He was even a witness in the Ramsey Clark/Code Pink sponsored World Tribunal on Iraq - you know the one that found President Bush and the United States Military guilty of war crimes in Iraq.

Here's a few of Dahr Jamail's articles... (see if you notice any trend here)...
Americans Slaughtering Civilians in Fallujah
War Crimes and Consequences
How Massacres Become the Norm

Notice the kaffiyeh that Jamail has draped around his shoulders. According to Socialism & Liberation, the kaffiyeh is...
"the black and white checkered cloth worn around the head and shoulders of many demonstrators was a familiar sight. This cloth is the Palestinian kaffiyeh. It is the headdress traditionally worn by Palestinian men. The history of the use of the kaffiyeh in the struggle for justice in Palestine demonstrates why it has become a symbol for all people who struggle for unity against colonial occupation and oppression around the world."

But remember - we can't question his bias because he is a reporter for TruthOut...

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