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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Supposed Eyewitness Admits to Collaboration With Terrorists

The supposed eyewitness to the rape and murder of the Iraqi woman and her family by US soldiers openly admits that he asked for assistance from terrorists according to a report on Free Arab Voice. This "eyewitness" is also on of the sources for the WaPo story. Here's the "neighbor's" comments...

"The we decided that we must not be silent so we asked the mujahideen to respond as quickly as possible. They responded with 30 attacks on the occupation in two days, bringing down more than 40 American soldiers."

"But the Resistance fighters told us that God does not allow the blood of any Muslim to be lost, and they told us to patiently persevere and we would see such a punishment for the blood of 'Abir and her family, for the violation of the honor of our sister, a punishment that would make people's hair stand on end."

First of all, there were no "30 attacks in two days with 40 American soldiers killed" in March 2006. (The attack supposedly occurred on March 12). But this eyewitness openly admits to collaborating with the terrorists for the deaths of American soldiers.

Second, does anyone else find it ironic and just a tad hypocritical that the "Resistance fighters" are adverse to Muslim deaths seeing as they have murdered scores of innocent Iraqis?

The punishment that this "eyewitness" cites definitely coincides with the torture and murder of the two American soldiers. But seeing as this story did not make any blip on the radar screen until after the deaths of the soldiers, I believe that it is nothing more than twisting things around to make Americans look like the bad guys... "it was retaliation for the deaths of the girl and her family" kind of thing. You know - more of that propaganda that the terrorists use to make the knee-jerkers in the media have seizures.

This "eyewitness" claims that he went to al-Arabiyah with the story and they refused to carry it. According to this man, they called him a "liar". (ya think?). He also claims that local newspapers "slammed the doors in our faces because we are Sunnis and the rape victim was a Sunni girl." (More of that "poor disenfranchised Sunni" crap). BUT according to initial reports, the incident was reported to the police but the Capt of the police felt no need to notify American forces. And we all know how the media in Iraq refuse to report any negative information about the US soldiers...

Mr. Eyewitness needs to be gathered up by the US forces and thoroughly interrogated. After all we do want a thorough investigation of all aspects of the story. Don't look for the enemedia in the US to tell you anything about that though.

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