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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Trolls, Trolls and More Trolls

Good Grief - is the moon full? I come home from a long day at work and check my blog messages only to find some filth from a couple of moonbats. I find it ironic that these are the same kind of people gnashing their teeth and rending their garments over President Bush's slip o'the lip. Here's the first one from Mary at Peace Has No Borders in response to my posting about Cindy's little playmate, Geoffrey Millard...

"Please site that interview. I'd like to read it. I talked to his mother. She would like to meet her grandchild. Is it a girl or a boy? Geoff is a tenant of mine in the same building I own and live in. Everything you have written is a lie. This whole blog is just a big pile of crap! By the way Cindy Sheehan thinks of Geoff as a son. You are a very immoral and mentally ill person. Thank God there is a hell for people like you."

Poor Mary doesn't quite grasp the concept of links or she would have been able to read the interviews just by clicking her little mouse. As always, I attach links to information that I have researched for verification. If everything I wrote about Mr. Millard is a lie, then he is a liar since most of the info came straight from the numerous interviews and speeches he has given. Just a little ironic tidbit... Mary calls me immoral and mentally ill while she promotes and supports those cowards that have jumped the border to Canada rather than perform the service to the US military they volunteered for. As Alanis Morrisette used to sing "Isn't it ironic..."

Now for the best of the day. These two posts were in response to my post about Wayne Madsen's claim of depleted uranium and chemical weapons being used by Israel in Lebanon. This user listed his name as "Wayne"...

"me thinks you should go f*&^ yourself you c%(^. " (as a courtesy to young or offended eyes, I censored the vulgarities - unlike Wayne did)

"what do you do that is so valuable besides opine and pontificate? You provide nothing to this society. You should be shot "

WOW - I'll spot Wayne 400yds - that's a good range for me... I cannot verify the info yet but the email "Wayne" used relates back to the Wayne Madsen Report. If true then it is nothing more than I would expect from the purveyor of falsehoods and fakery. Regardless, the info is now in the ISP providers' hands.

Just a reminder... I have NO problem with reasoned discourse or just plain meanness from the loony tunettes BUT I draw the line at threats and vulgarities. If you post nastiness rest assured that you will be banned AND your spew will be posted for ALL to read. I believe everyone should get to laugh and point at your stupidity and utter lack of integrity just like I do. BTW - thanks Wayne and Mary for more fodder for my next book. I'll send you an autographed copy...

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