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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Unhinged at Anti-Israel Rally

Found this over at Little Green Footballs...

You thought that the anti-Bush, anti-military protests were something to behold - wait until you see this "Justice for Palestine and Lebanon Rally" in Boston [sponsored by the Muslim American Society]. Solomonia, has posted pics and a video taken by Seva Brodsky at the rally last Friday in Boston. Needless to say Mr. Brodsky deserves a combat medal for the crap he was subjected to. Pop over there and read what Mr. Brodsky wrote and watch the videos. It is damned scary and disgusting.

Couple of thought after watching the video... The protestors are calling Mr. Brodsky a Zionist and claim he's profiling people by filming - what the heck do THEY think they are doing? If you are going to a public rally and are so "passionate" about your "cause", why do you hide your face when a camera is around? Is it because you don't want people to see you rallying around the terrorists? What happened to the Freedom of Speech these asshats always use to justify their hate speech?

There are some truly deranged people in the world - I just did not realize there were so many that call themselves Americans.

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