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Saturday, August 05, 2006

What Does the Average Hezbollah Terrorist Keep in His Closet?

Since the tragic incident at Qana, fingers have pointed steadily at Israel as the "evil-doers". Forgotten is the reason this war is going on - Hezbollah kidnapped two Israeli soldiers. (Have you noticed that the kidnapping gets very little mention in the media now? Same with the soldier kidnapped by Hamas). Brushed aside are the numeous attacks against innocent Israelis over the years. Public transportation, Sbaro Restaurants, Coffee Shops, etc were target rich environments for the terrorists. There were so many suicide bombings in Israel that the media coverage amounted to "another suicide bombing in Israel with dead people"- which makes the focus on the deaths in Lebanon hard to understand.

Hezbollah has its share of apologists. The media in Lebanon is followed by Hezbollah "minders" (something I overheard Greg Palkot from FoxNews drop into his news report one evening). Instead of the news anchors reminding viewers that Hezbollah oversees the reporting in Lebanon, they shake their heads and bemoan the Hezbollah picked scenes of destruction.

Despite years of evidence of terrorist organizations using civilians (yes even babies) as human shields and storing ammunition in neighborhoods, many in the media refuse to take those facts into account when they rush to cover a grisly event. Those that point out these verifiable facts are called "Israel Apologists".

I'm sure you remember the name "Kevin Sites". He was the "journalist" that taped one of our Marines killing a wounded insurgent and gave it to the media as evidence of American soldiers committing murder in Iraq. Sites posts dispatches several times a week on his experiences in the "war zone" which now happens to be Lebanon. One of his recent posts detailed his visit to the home of a Hezbollah fighter in a "Hezbollah stronghold north of Tyre" (isn't that close to Qana?) and got to see what secrets the terrorist held in his closet. From Sites' "Hot Zone"...

We meet "Hussein" at his home and sit down to talk in his living room, while his four-month-old baby daughter lies on a blanket on the floor. He is in his late 20s and has a calm face. He is polite but has a resolute sense about him that creates a cautious distance. Like many fighters, he says, he has another job and only joins the militia when he's needed...
"Then, from the corner of the closet, next to some shirts on hangers, he pulls out an American-made M-16 assault rifle and places it on the mattress in the room next to the ammo belt. He goes back to the closet and from the same corner reaches for a rocket-propelled grenade launcher and two canvas shoulder bags. He places these on the bed as well.

I ask if nearly every house in the neighborhood has a stash of small arms like this.
"Some have more," he says, pulling an AK-47 from one of the canvas bags and locking on a 30 round banana clip, named for its banana-like curve. "But the larger weaponry is kept somewhere else."

"He then puts all the weapons back on the bed for a moment so I can photograph them. Although it's not uncommon for households in the Middle East to have at least an AK-47 around the house, it's incongruous to see the three rifles and grenade launcher beside a baby's bassinet."

There is a video and photos that accompany Sites' post. You can plainly see a baby carrier and a baby bassinett in the same room as the weapons. Also there is a young boy wandering around while the terrorist shows how Sites how to load the RPG launcher (but Sites fails to mention the boy). It's important to note that this video was made BEFORE the incident in Qana. Sites' agreed not to show the terrorist's face so there is no comparing him to the "rescuers" at Qana.

So here is more definitive proof of Hezbollah storing weapons and ammunition in family homes. Since Sites is one of the darlings of the anti-war crowd, I think this could be called "non-right wing" evidence. The silence of the media is deafening...

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