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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Dems Shopped the Foley Story to the Media - Where's the Outrage?

This really makes me sick. After all the wailing about Republicans' lack of concern for the "children", it turns out that the Dems knew about Congressman Mark Foley's shenanigans all along.

Per the Washington Times....

Democratic campaign operatives pushed newspapers to write about then-Rep. Mark Foley's e-mails to teenage pages in the hope that a scandal would emerge before the midterm elections, according to a House ethics report.

The findings were bolstered when an aide to Rep. Rahm Emanuel, Illinois Democrat, said the congressman also knew about the e-mails, which were dubbed "inappropriate" by the ethics panel. Mr. Emanuel, who was chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) when Mr. Foley's sex scandal broke in late September, had denied knowledge of the Florida Republican's e-mails.

An Emanuel aide yesterday confirmed to The Washington Times that DCCC staffer Bill Burton told the congressman about the Foley e-mails in fall 2005. The aide said Mr. Emanuel took no action because the e-mails were mentioned in passing as a "rumor" about Mr. Foley.

The 16-year-old forwarded the Foley e-mails to fellow Alexander staffer Danielle Savoy, wondering whether he was just being "paranoid." According to the panel, Miss Savoy forwarded the e-mails to a lobbyist friend, who forwarded them to her boyfriend, Justin Field, a staffer for the House Democratic Caucus. Mr. Field gave caucus press aide Matt Miller a copy of the e-mails. Mr. Miller testified he "feared nothing would come" of forwarding the messages to the ethics panel, which at the time was not even meeting because of partisan deadlock over other matters.

Instead, Mr. Miller redacted the page's name and faxed copies of the e-mails to reporters in Florida. Mr. Miller then alerted Mr. Burton, who worked for Mr. Emanuel at the DCCC, to see if his hunch was correct that a Foley story was brewing. Mr. Burton spoke with a few reporters about the e-mails and mentioned them to Mr. Emanuel in passing, the DCCC aide said.

Not to mention that Mike "the GOP gay fatwah" Rogers bragged about notifying the DCCC about the info and waiting for the info to break prior to the election.

Foleygate did not cause the GOP to lose the elections but it did have some impact on the wishy-washy voters and helped bolster the "culture of corruption" claims.

Notice there is NO outrage about the complicity of the Dems in this. No calls for resignations, etc. Those involved that lied and attempted to utilize this information for partisan advantage should be punished. Culture of corruption, my ass. Madame Pelosi - clean up your house!

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