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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Now I Am An Agent for the Pentagon??

Boy the conspiracy nutcases know no bounds. Now thanks to my post on my blog at Newsbusters about the Reuters connection to Haditha, some left wing kook is asking if I'm employed by the Pentagon. She also implies that I get paid through some of these hoity-toity conservative foundations since I blog at Newsbusters...

The Reuters Connection to Haditha (25.12.06. Robin Boyd, Newsbusters) Newsbusters is connected with the Media Research Center - the conservative media watchdog group. Mr. Baker is the Vice President of the Media Research Center. According to Source Watch, The Media Research Center is funded by the same rich foundations mentioned in The Haditha Doctor and Media Dissemblers, ie: the Sarah Scaife Foundation, John M. Olin Foundation, Castle Rock Foundation, The Lynne and Harry Bradley Foundation.

Are they hired by the Pentagon?

Ms. Meyer makes the same claim about Heidi at Euphoric Reality. Now supposedly this woman is a "researcher" from London. Well someone needs to explain what research really is cause this chick don't have a clue. Yeah - I'm getting under the table $$ to do this. That's why I work fulltime as a home health RN - I don't need the money - I just enjoy giving something back to the community. I took out parent loans for my kids' college education just for the tax break. I only drive my new corvette on special days cause it doesn't have enough trunk space for my home health nursing equipment. I have credit cards cause cash is just so damned cumbersome... AS.IF.

BTW had a nice interview on the radio with Steve Malsberg subing for John Gibson tonight on the Haditha/Reuters connection. Next thing they'll be claiming I get paid by FoxNews.

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