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Saturday, December 16, 2006

So Much for that Bipartisan Committee...

The Iraq Surrender, I mean Study, Group was touted as being "bipartisan". Yeah well one of those "bipartisan" committee members, former Sec of Defense Cohen, gave the DNC radio response to the President's weekly address. From CNN....

Former Defense Secretary William Perry, a member of the Iraq Study Group, said Saturday that Iraq could turn into a "quagmire" if the Bush administration fails to change strategy.
Perry, who led the Pentagon under President Clinton, delivered the Democratic Party's weekly radio address.
Referring to the Vietnam War, Perry said: "The term 'quagmire' recalls one of the saddest periods in American history, which we do not want to relive. But I believe that is likely to happen if we 'stay the course' in Iraq."

Perry said he believed the report "will frame the debate in our country this coming year. And it will demonstrate that it is possible, even in the poisonous political climate that now exists, to address important national problems in a truly bipartisan manner."

Simply splitting Left and Right members fifty-fifty does NOT make a committee bipartisan. A true bipartisan committee would only include those without any political axe to grind. Does any one really believe that Vernon Jordan, Leon Panetta or William Cohen could be "bipartisan"?

I don't know which word I hate more - Quagmire or Bipartisan.

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