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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Get Their Votes on the Record

Is there anything more pathetic than a bunch of adults with no moral compass trying to position themselves for an election that is 2 years away while completely ignoring the national security implications of their decisions? Actually pathetic is not quite strong enough – disgusting myopic me-first partisan a-holes is probably closer to the truth.

The Dems have long ago crossed a line with me, but hopefully their little coin toss on what to do in Iraq will push others across the line. To think, even remotely, that cutting off funding for the war in Iraq is on the table just makes me want to vomit. The wad of blubber known as Ted Kennedy claims that the funding shut down would not affect the soldiers currently serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. How in the HELL could you possibly separate the two?

Scenario in Kennedy Brandyland - “Okay Soldier 1 you were here before we cut funds so you get a hot meal. But Soldier 2, you were part of the evil Bush’s escalation of this illegal war for oil so you only get a day old sandwich.”

I personally hope that the Dems hold a symbolic vote against increasing the troops in Iraq. We will then have every single member of Congress, not just the Dems, on the record as to their position on the war against terror. When we succeed in Iraq, we can point to every single backstabber in Congress and say “you get no credit for this”. God forbid, if there is another terrorist attack in the United States, we can point at every single terrorist enabler and say “this is your fault for not presenting a strong front against the fight against terrorism”.

Charlie Rangel said that if they propose cutting the funds for the “escalation” it will appear the Dems are in league with the terrorists. Most of us already believe that the Dems would rather the US lose in Iraq than see a success as that would put the President in a positive light. Failure – good for Dems. Success – bad for Dems. This would just put it on the record permanently, historically and forever. Sandy Berger can’t slip the vote tally out of the door in his underpants and squirrel it away under a construction trailer to be lost forever.

So in the words of MY President – Dems BRING IT ON!

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