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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Oh My - Poor Saddam Was Not Treated With Respect

Oh Boo Freakin' Hoo - people are outraged that Saddam Hussein was subjected to taunts and jeers at his execution. They are complaining that the video of the execution proves it was all about revenge and not about justice. And of course, it's all our fault cause now the Sunnis are going to hate us even more.

Do I care? HELL NO! Saddam Hussein was evil personified and so were his two sons. There were no redeeming qualities in any of the three. They had no regard for human life. Piss them off and you could have your tongue cut out, your arms chopped off or be tied up and thrown off a building - just for their personal entertainment. So I'm supposed to care that Saddam Hussein had a brief moment of realization that he was going to Hell before his neck snapped? He was treated much more humanely than any of his victims were ever treated. It was a Muslim holiday? So what - did he take a break from torture and murder on holidays?

But let's ask those that were directly affected by this evil bastard how they feel about Saddam Hussein's execution...

They can't speak - their voices were permanently silenced by Saddam Hussein. And we're supposed to care about his treatment? Give me a damn break.

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