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Thursday, January 11, 2007

The President and The War Hero

For the past 4+ years, I have listened and read all of the nasty vile and disgusting comments about President Bush. I have watched the media skewer him and treat him worse than a heartless man would treat a dog. I have sat in stunned silence while the media canonized Cindy Sheehan while she cozied up with Chavez and his ilk while trash talking my country. Meanwhile the President has held onto his beliefs and held firm in the fight against terrorism. No amount of public pressure or Congressional bellyaching has forced the President from his course in protecting our country from further terrorist attacks. I don't drink the kool-aid for the President. Sure I'm pissed off about the lack of controls on immigration and the drunken sailor spending. But I'll take his strategery over the wishy-washy Congress or the perverted former President any day.

Today I was reminded why I have wholeheartedly supported the President in the war on terror. How fitting that it came just as the left and the media unloaded both barrels at the President. President Bush awarded the Medal of Honor to Marine Corporal Jason Dunham's family. Corporal Dunham gave his life to save his brethern in Iraq. He threw himself on a grenade tossed by an insurgent and shielded his men from the blast with his own body. The Dunham family honored their hero today with an moving ceremony that could bring tears to the eyes of even the most jaded.

While standing with the family while the citation was read, Corporal Dunham's mother was bravely trying to hold back her tears. The President of the United States of America reached over and clasped the hand of this grieving mother. When it seemed as if Mrs. Dunham's control was fading, the President asked her if she was okay. All the while the President of the United States struggled to hold in his emotions until a few tears streaked his own cheeks. Here's the link to the story and the video from the White House website. (You do a disservice to your own self if you don't watch the video.)

The man that Cindy Sheehan so easily calls a murderer could not fake those tears - unlike Clinton at Ron Brown's funeral. By showing such unconditional concern and compassion for this grieving mother the President smashed the claims of all the BDS'ers in one fell swoop. This was more powerful than any speech he could give. This was additional proof that the President does not take sending our soldiers into the war lightly. Despite Sen. Hagel's baseless and out of reality claims of recklessness and ineptitude, this one moment proved why President Bush is the right man at the right time. It takes a strong man to serve as Commander in Chief. And a much stronger man to hold firm against those who only seek to enhance their political power.

I am proud to call President George W. Bush MY PRESIDENT. May God bless our soldiers, the President and America. And special prayers to the family and friends of Corporal Jason Dunham, a true American hero.

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