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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Why Do I Think this Was Done for Hillary's Benefit?

CNN has made many "mistakes" over the past few years. Take for instance the giant black X that appeared over VP Cheney's face as he was giving a speech. Then there was the President's rehearsal of his immigration speech that CNN broadcast live. CNN blamed it on the pool reporter but they were the only network to broadcast it. And we must not forget the terrorist propaganda in the form of the sniper video from Iraq.

Now CNN has aired a graphic that was a tease for an upcoming segment on Osama bin Laden with the words "Where's Obama?" superimposed over a pic of bin Laden. Of course CNN has apologized profusely for this gaffe. But stop and think for a moment... Hillary's poll numbers have been dropping like a rock while Obama is the superstar. What better way to plant the seeds of doubt in the public's mind about Barack Obama than tying his name to Osama. After all, CNN isn't called the Clinton News Network for nothing...

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