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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Democrats Worry That Action Against Iran Will Increase President's Support

The Democrats just can't help themselves. They try to appear as if they are concerned about our soldiers and our country but it all boils down to one simple thing... Anything that might increase the support for the President is bad. Even if it means bending over and taking it from the backside courtesy of the terrorists.

I've thought this for the last few years but now that the Dems have the power, they feel brazen enough to just say it outloud. Here is a piece from US News' Political Bulletin today about a "Wag the Dog" attack on Iran...

The US News Political Bulletin has learned Democrats on Capitol Hill are increasingly concerned that President Bush will order air strikes against targets in Iran in the next few months or even weeks. They cite as evidence the tough warnings from senior Administration officials, including the Commander in Chief, that Iranian help for insurgents in Iraq is leading to the deaths of US troops and Iraqi civilians.

Democratic insiders tell the Political Bulletin that they suspect Bush will order the bombing of Iranian supply routes, camps, training facilities, and other sites that Administration officials say contribute to American losses in Iraq. Under this scenario, Bush would not invade Iran with ground forces or zero in on Iranian nuclear facilities.

But under the limited-bombing scenario, Bush could ask for a congressional vote of support, Democratic insiders predict, which many Democrats would feel obliged to endorse or risk looking like they weren't supportive of the troops. [that's not a problem - we already know how the Dems feel about the troops]

Bombing Iran would also take attention away from the troubled situation in Iraq and cause a rally-round-the-president reaction among Americans, at least for a while.

But Democrats add that an attack on Iran would probably be condemned around the world and would precipitate an Iranian response that could dramatically worsen Mideast turmoil and have unforeseen consequences that could be extremely damaging to the United States.

So the basic reason for not wanting to confront Iran is because of fear of an increase in support for the President which might impact the Dems chances for the White House. As I've said many times before - if it's good for the country, it's bad for the Dems. Rooting for failure is not an option. Our lives depend on it.

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