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Friday, February 16, 2007

Hello Mr. Terrorists - We're Weak and Gutless

I have been popping back and forth on the web all day to see the final results of the House vote on the fake legislation. I was anxious to see how John Barrow (D) from my district in GA voted. Well - I should not have expected anything else but a spineless vote from a Democrat. Yes - Barrow voted in support of the fakery. He waved the big old white flag and invited the terrorists to come back and kick our asses some more.

After he was elected, I posted some of Barrow's campaign promises. He ran as a Conservative even invoking the name of the President in a few ads (and not as an obscenity). Here is what Barrow said about the war on terror and national security during the campaign (and this is straight from his campaign website)...

Military/ War on Terror - deserve our total support and our unwavering commitment. Consistently voted to give our troops the resources they need on the battlefield and to give our intelligence agencies the help they need to stop terrorist attacks before they happen. Opposed an immediate troop withdrawal or an arbitrary timeline for withdrawal from Iraq. Supported the reauthorization of key provisions of the Patriot Act.

Typical politician - once he gets the seat, the promises are flushed down the toilet. I promised I would hold this ninny accountable for his campaign promises and I fulfilled my end of the bargain today. Here is what I sent to Mr. Barrow....

Dear Mr. Barrow
I am greatly distressed at your vote in support of the non-binding resolution against the troop surge. During your campaign you stated that our troops deserved our total support and unwavering commitment. By casting your vote against the President's plan, you have signaled weakness to those that want to do us harm. You have placed every single member of our armed services at risk by putting the world on notice that our country doesn't have the intestinal fortitude to complete a messy job. You represent a great many military members - active duty and retired. Your vote was a repudiation to their honor, service and sacrifice.

It is a sad day when an elected representative puts his partisan dislike of the President of the United States ahead of our national security. Not to mention the taxpayers' money tossed in the trash for a week of partisan bloviating on a piece of legislation that is as worthless as your campaign promise to our military.

You need to take down the link to America Supports You from your website. It reeks of hypocrisy.

To all those that didn't vote in the 12th district of GA - Thanks... We could've had Max Burns standing up for our country today. Instead we got a rep that was on his knees servicing his party.

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