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Monday, February 26, 2007

Here's an Appeal for Redress That I CAN Support

Since the anti-war propagandists are touting Appeal for Redress - the proclaimed active duty military members that were featured on 60 Minutes last night - I have discovered an Appeal for Redress that I can wholeheartedly throw my support behind.

APPEAL FOR COURAGE is a website started by LT Jason Nichols, USN, a Navy Information Professional officer currently stationed in Baghdad, Iraq and Larry Vandergriff, USA (Retired), a retired Explosive Ordnance Disposal vet who served in Vietnam as a Specialist in Vietnam. Appeal for Courage is asking for any military - active duty, reserve or ready reserve to sign the petition to Congress. Instead of whining the far left talking points of the Veterans for Peace and Iraq Veterans Against the War, the Appeal for Courage is asking Congress to support the mission AND the heroes. Here's what the petition says...

As an American currently serving my nation in uniform, I respectfully urge my political leaders in Congress to fully support our mission in Iraq and halt any calls for retreat. I also respectfully urge my political leaders to actively oppose media efforts which embolden my enemy while demoralizing American support at home. The War in Iraq is a necessary and just effort to bring freedom to the Middle East and protect America from further attack.

Spread the word to your friends and fellow bloggers. If you qualify, sign the Appeal for Courage. The Congress needs to hear the OTHER side of the story for a change.

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