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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Another cBS Hit Piece From 60 Minutes -UPDATED


I make a special effort to avoid CBS unless it's to watch Survivor or CSI but tonight I sucked it up and watched 60 Minutes. Scott Pelley had an interview with Sgt. Frank Wuterich who is charged with 18 counts of murder in the Haditha incident. I had a sick feeling about the interview especially since cBS all but kissed the butts of the Appeal for Redress useless idiots a few weeks ago.

cBS did not disappoint - unfortunately. The entire interview was so much more than a typical hit piece. Pelley's questions reeked of moral indignation - "but you killed kids" and "how could you say you would do the same thing knowing that you killed children?". It was enough to make one puke. Pelley's body language was something else. I'm no body language expert but when a reporter shakes his head "no" the whole time he's asking you questions, his position is quite obvious.

A few obvious facts that need to be noted... cBS aired clips of the infamous video taken the following day by the fake Iraqi journalism student without any explanation of the source of the video. Not to mention that the video was taken the NEXT day but according to Muslim "law" the bodies must be buried within 24 hours of the death...

Pelley stated that Wuterich was scheduled for courtmartial later this year. EXCEPT there has been no trial or hearing - only the investigation with the charges.

Pelley kept repeating 24 innocent civilians but the total number of "innocent" civilians is still not clear. There are conflicting reports about the number of civilians versus insurgents.

Then there's this little nugget - cBS admitted that the interview was filmed in October 2006. But Pelley used photos from the leaked investigative report featured in the Washington Post. The story was not published in the WaPo until January 2007. Not very good journalistic ethics to not give the interview subject a chance to respond to the new info... Pelley and 60 Minutes did not explain the time difference between the interview and the airing of the interview during the broadcast.

Pelley did throw in the obligatory Murtha video clip where Fat Mouth called our soldiers "cold blooded murderers".

Sadly I doubt these Marines are going to get even a modicum of fair treatment when the hearings start. That should have us all crying...

HotAir has clips of the interview up - Video: Scott Pelley grills Haditha Marine Frank Wuterich on “60 Minutes”
Neil Boortz is almost as angry as I am... MARINE GUNNED DOWN ON '60 MINUTES'

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