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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Gambling Against Our Soldiers With Pork

I am truly beginning to hate Congress. Do these men and women have any morals, scruples, ethics or common sense? We've got soldiers fighting in a war and they want to piggyback craploads of pet projects on to the War Funding Bill.

Here's a sample of what some Dems and Reps have in mind...

_$400 million for a one-year extension of payments to rural counties in the Pacific Northwest to make up for timbering cutbacks in national forests.
_$1.3 billion for New Orleans levee improvements.
_$4 billion in drought relief for farmers in the Great Plains.
_$3.4 billion for housing assistance and infrastructure improvements associated with Hurricane Katrina.
_$1.2 billion in relief, unemployment, food and housing aid arising out of a freeze that destroyed citrus, avocado and other crops in California's Central Valley.

I don't know about you but I am seriously sick and tired of pouring money into New Orleans when the state and local government have done absolutely nothing in the way of rebuilding. I am also sick and tired of people sucking the blood outta taxpayers and the govt while sitting on their asses in a hotel room or free mobile home.

But I digress... WHY is Congress doing this bait and switch with our military's funding? It's a damned if you do and damned if you don't game against the President - if he signs the bill, he's allowing more pork - if he doesn't sign the bill, he's holding back money from our soldiers. It's a lose-lose situation.

Are the members of Congress so hell bent and drunk on their own political power that they are willing to risk anything just for a little more political power? Wait - THAT was a stupid question. Of course they are. They are gambling with our soldiers lives by playing this game of pile on the pork. Each member must be held accountable for this reckless disregard for our soldiers and our country. It's bad enough to throw our hard earned money into the pig trough but when you are willing to sacrifice funds for our fighting men and women, that's a whole new bag of pork. It is a disgrace.

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