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Monday, March 05, 2007

What's the Difference between Coulter's Remark and the Frothing from the Left?

Everyone is up in arms about Ann Coulter's "faggot" remark at CPAC. Bloggers are denouncing her. The media is outraged. The moonbats want her head. Demands for an apology are ringing across the spectrum.

WHY? Granted the comment was inappropriate but Coulter tends to do the inappropriate comment thing often. But WHY demand an apology? Isn't it a tad bit hypocritical that the majority of those calling for an apology are the ones that have heaped craploads of nastiness and pure venom at the President of the United States?

Go to any far left blog. You can't read three words before the dreaded F-word pops up. The potty mouths spew all sorts of nasty words - it's as if they have Tourette's. Even on my blog I have edited out foul and vulgar language from commenters.

OK so they are just bloggers or commenters - they're not a public spokesperson for their political parties. BUT what about the disgusting crap that flows like lava from Mt. Vesuvius outta the "pundits" on the Left - all directed at the President. Michael Moore, Sean Penn, Cindy Sheehan, etc etc all have tossed out words like "liar", "stupid", "war criminal", "murderer", "coke head", "alcoholic" and so on. Never heard an apology from them. As a matter of fact, they are the ones that invoke the First Amendment as an excuse for their nastiness.

What about all the manure that spews outta Conyers, Waters, et al? Not one peep of an apology. It's just dissent.

On Friday, Bill Maher mused about how much better it would be if the VP had been killed in the explosion in Afghanistan. But Kirsten Powers excused his comment saying "he's an entertainer". BUT what about Michael Richards - He went off on his n-word tirade DURING his routine. Ya didn't hear "but he's an entertainer" used to excuse his behavior.

So is faggot worse than murderer? Questioning someone's sexuality is more offensive than wishing their mother had aborted them?

Don't get me wrong - I'm not a Coulter fan. I haven't cared much for her since she went on the bashathon against Harriet Miers. But what's fair for one should be fair for all. The level of hypocrisy from the left makes me vomit. Those that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. For those conservatives that say we shouldn't lower ourselves to the level of the moonbats, I say maybe if we had gotten down and dirty instead of being Mr and Mrs. PC we might still have control of Congress.

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