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Friday, March 16, 2007

You Know Things Are Improving in Iraq When... UPDATED

You know things are improving in Iraq when the Dems are up in arms about something that is truly trivial and frankly stupid. This whole "firing of the 8 state attorneys" is such a non-issue. I am no fan of Alberto Gonzalez but there are a lot of other things - much more important than 8 of 93 state attorneys losing their jobs - that I take issue with. (leaks not prosecuted being #1).

Talk about fuzzy math! Eight is so much worse than 93? You mean that the White House, who the state attorneys serve at the pleasure of, might have known something was up? Please - this is much ado about nothing. Simply a distraction while our soldiers are beating up on the terrorists in Iraq... You can bet if things were going poorly in Iraq, the 8 fired attorneys would not even be a blip on the Senate's radar screen.

The AP agrees with the improving situation in Iraq...

The U.S. military and its Iraq partners in a month-old Baghdad security crackdown have been turning marketplaces — a favorite target of al-Qaida and Sunni insurgent suicide car bombers — into pedestrian-only zones and commerce is reviving dramatically in the capital, the U.S. military said Thursday.

"There's a sense of suspense in the air. A sense of anticipation and expectation (of decreased violence) with the Iraqi people," Maj. Gen. Joseph F. Fil Jr. told reporters.

"I think it is being met by this operation," said the general, who is in charge of Baghdad.

While we're on the subject of pointless investigations, WHY is the House doing any type of investigation of the Plame case? Wasn't that the whole reason we paid worthless Fitzgerald to find nothing other than Scooter had a bad memory? Another waste of taxpayer money...

RedState has a pdf of a letter to the Multinational Forces from General Petraeus. The letter further slams home the point that the Dems are scrambling for anything, including re-trying a non-issue on a non-covert agent, to keep the attention off of Iraq.

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