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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

So Obama- How Many Times Have You Been to Baghdad?

We're not even into the election year and I am already sick of "Mr. Perfect" Obama. For someone with minimal foreign policy experience and, to borrow a meme from the Left, has never served in the military, Obama is quick with the criticisms. Now he's after McCain...

"The idea that the situation in Iraq is improving because it takes a security detail of 100 soldiers, three Black Hawk helicopters and a couple of Apache gunships to walk through a market in the middle of Baghdad is simply not credible and not reflective of the facts on the ground," Obama said in a taped interview that will air as part of a Democratic presidential forum sponsored by

Obama did not mention McCain by name. The Republican senator said Monday that he talked to many Iraqis in the market who told him that, while they still worried about a sniper, they felt as though things were getting better.

Does Obama have an original thought or does he just pull talking points from Kos and DU? And how would Obama know how things really are on the ground in Iraq - from his little minions in the Michael Moore wing of the Democratic Party? Remind me how many times Obama has even been to Iraq, much less walked through a market?

When Obama crawls down off that pedastel and visits our boys & girls in the field, then he can lob driveby bombs from his MoveOn prepared talking points. With every vote to cut off funds or mandate timetables for withdrawal, Obama proves just how much he supports our soldiers.

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