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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Reasons Why April Was So Deadly for US Forces in Iraq

The media is apoplectic about April being one of the "deadliest" months for US forces in Iraq. (If you google "Iraq + deadliest month", you'll find that this is one of the media's favorite memes.) The AP is typically blaming the surge for the increased number of deaths...

"The rising toll among Americans pointed to a potentially deadly trend: More troops exposed to more dangers as they try to reclaim control of Baghdad under the joint security plan being implemented by U.S. and Iraqi forces."

But I see it differently. I believe that the reason the death toll was so high in April was the massive amount of "white flag" rhetoric tossed about in the media by so-called leaders in Congress. For example...

Harry Reid - "This war is lost and the surge is not accomplishing anything as indicated by the extreme violence in Iraq yesterday," Mr. Reid, Nevada Democrat, said at a Capitol Hill press conference with anti-war state legislators.

Rep. Murtha: "[I]'ve Even Lost Confidence In The Military." (Peter Cohn, "Senate OKs War Package As Post-Veto Plotting Begins," National Journal's CongressDaily, 4/26/07)

Harry Reid - We're going to pick up Senate seats as a result of this war. Senator Schumer has shown me numbers that are compelling and astounding. --Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, April 12.

Nancy Pelosi - Gen. David Petraeus is scheduled to come to the Hill tomorrow to brief lawmakers on the progress of the recent troop escalation. ABC News has learned, however, that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., will not attend the briefing. "She can't make the briefing tomorrow," a Democratic aide told ABC News Tuesday evening.

It had been documented by numerous non-partisan sources and by Saddam's correspondence that the terrorists monitor our news media and utilize reports/statements such as those above for propaganda purposes. Yet the negative drumbeat continues and the will of America is portrayed as melting away.

So if you want to know who to blame (other than the terrorists themselves) for the increased number of deaths - take a look to the left. The blood is on their hands.

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