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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Reuters Corrects Faux Reporting

Looks like Reuters is admitting its error in the reporting of the testimony of Sgt. Sanick Dela Cruz in the Article 32 Hearing for Capt Randy Stone. They finally realized that Sgt. Dela Cruz NEVER said the Iraqi men had their hands tied behind their backs when shot by Sgt. Wuterich...

Corrects 5th paragraph to delete word "tied" to make clear hands were held up in the air.

While Reuters deserves credit for issuing the correction, it cannot take back what has already been put into the minds of the public. With their history for bias in their reporting about the Haditha incident, the reporting of the testimony should have been thoroughly vetted. There is no excuse for shoddy journalism or for exaggerating claims against our Marines. It is a tragedy that our soldiers must fight an enemy armed with guns and one armed with words.

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